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Cribs - Crib serronese
Crib to natural size in customs ciociari

Cribs - Crib serronese ciociaria

The squares and the historical center of Serrone, in the Christmas period, are the extremely evocative scenery of the crib to natural size.
The customs and the tools ciociari that adorn the figures give back the impact surprising and sole in its type.
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San Giuseppe
Photograph Cribs
The crib, treated from the Cultural association Serrone, was born from the creativity of some esteemed set designers professionals, that given life to a small work of art, capable of to provoke the admiration of the a lot of persons that every year do not be lacking to visit it.
The characters of the crib offer an I plunge in the past, presenting itself in their normal behavior, intent in the daily life of stages of unwinding of the ancient ciociaria, like if be in the verge of to move itself.
Photograph Cribs
Photograph Cribs
It is able therefore to track the figure of the Roman centurione in customs of the imperial period near that of the critic in custom eastern.
Continuing the route, long the medieval staircase, it is had immediately the geographic and historical gap from the figures of the arrotino, of the fabbro, of the intent bakers in the preparation of the bread, of the powers that nurse the newborns, of the hut of the shepherd adorned of straw and skins.
All of the characters and occupations are the expression of the historical ciociaria, that clashes in harmonious manner and ever banal with the holiness of the religious event.
The representation presepiale serronese, melt without to screech periods and different cultures.
In the to visit it it is had it like a feeling of bewilderment, almost than also we, for charm, we formed a new figure of the crib serronese.
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Photograph Crib Serronese

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