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you fresco, art, church, paints mural
you fresco, art, church, paints mural

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Tributo a Giovanni Paolo II

It is not known the period in which the church of San was built Pietro Apostle this because of the historical scarcity of documents past lost after a series of fires; alone thanks to the Pastoral Visit of 1754 we came to knowledge that already in 1192 was existing and subject to the bishop of Palestrina.
The church has immediately a deep one I restore, more time rebuilded, yourselves it it today a seventeenth-century style, venne in fact broadened and restored actual from its inhabitants in 1600.
The inside is developed with two small naves and a larger station, a presbiterio raised, the chorus and a side hat built subsequently from the bishop mons. Aronne and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Gracious it is the pulpit in wood thin sculpted, with small columns grooved, capitals ionici reshaped and moulding broken that yourselves it it neoclassical features, while the base and the tables that support the columns are of baroque style.
In the facade of the pulpit they are present three niches containing small statues in wood of three evangelisti, the side niches I am empty because of the stealing of the statues.
The organ of the '700 remains a sole piece of art of valuable invoice.
The floor of the church ebbe an I restore in 1926 together to the compass of the main door. Likely to the of under of the floor it is present a cemetery of unknown data, to deposition of the ancient custom of to bury the dead inside inhabited it.
The central nave of the church accommodates a large cloth painted that retailed all of the ceiling, while on the side naves were recovered some you fresco attributed to the school of art of Raffaello and just restored.
Fresco you had been him covered of lime to disinfect the walls of the church during an epidemic of plague, allowing things their preservation until our days.
serrone you fresco, art, church
serrone you fresco, art, church
serrone you fresco, art, church

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